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What my customers say...

"Had a great business logo but no website! A trusted friend introduced me to MNC. Following a "skype" meeting construction began. Via web-link I was able to view progress & agree amendments. The process from start to finish was a pleasure, challenging at times but exciting, completed within time & on budget. I highly recommend DesignMark. MNC is an excellent designer with the exceptional ability to transform vision and direction into on target creative." Steve Bullock - Owner Thought4Food Consultancy Ltd.

“Mark has been working and designing Kidz Kabin websites for almost 5 years. He has great insight and develops a keen understanding into what is needed for a particular industry, working closely with key players. His intuitive approach ensures our website is attractive, maintains a high profile and is kept up to date. His response time is excellent and he has always been a pleasure to work with.“ Linda Symons - Principal - Kidz Kabin Nursery

"Your website design is a big success. Nearly everybody who has made the visit to my site have come back to me with favourable comments. The lead in to the galleries works very well and what a striking introduction page. I’m also very grateful to Annie Moore for her recommending me to your Web design company." Raymond Dean - Photographer

"For me Mark is one of the very best web designers. He has flair, originality and takes great care in creating what you, the client needs." Annie Moore


"I run the jewellery website, which Mark and I created back in 2001 – me in charge of words, Mark in charge of design. Over the years the website has grown massively in content and complexity, and this has required major and ongoing input in terms of design and technology. Thanks to Mark, the website looks completely different from other jewellery sites and carries many unique features, such as the popular “Get the Look” section, which highlights the latest fashion trends. And since jewellery, like fashion, is constantly changing, both the products and the style of the website must be updated on a regular basis to keep it fresh and on-trend. Happily, throughout the years Mark has remained at the cutting edge of design, constantly utilising new technologies to update the site’s visual appearance, whilst also accommodating the constantly-changing whims of Google and the IT industry. Always creative, always on hand to discuss ideas, always a pleasure to work with, Mark is the consummate professional and trust me, if he builds your website, you can look forward to a site that will exceed all your expectations, both now and in the future." Jo Allen -

"We were fortunate to secure the services of Designmark and its creative genius Mark Newton-Carter to design and set up our website. The flair, combined with attention to our own profile and the needs of the customers we serve which we got from Designmark has given us a website which has stood the test of time excellently with occasional tweaking from Mark’s responsive service. Highly recommended." Michael Thomson - Director - Trade Solutions (Scotland) Ltd.

"I asked mark if he could make a website for my new business, he took some information from me and then went and created a masterpiece beyond expectation! He gave me confidence in his consummate ability from the initial meeting and kept me informed every step of the way until he finally unveiled an awesome work of art. I would certainly ask him again to work his magic and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants a diligent, professional service which will exceed your expectations too and on top of all this he is a true Gent." Mark Farrant - Security Consultant

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